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Beach 6
Sand & Sun


Welcome to the longest freshwater beach in the world. Nestled along Georgian Bay's coastline, our landscapes paint a canvas of breathtaking vistas that captivate the senses. Venture further inland, and discover a tapestry woven with winding rivers and well-trailed woodlands, promising a haven for explorers and a photographer's paradise.
Dive into Canada's nautical and military history, cast a line in our river rapids, hop on a jet-ski, or tackle some of our natural hiking trails and catch a glimpse of local wildlife. Many experiences await you here in Wasaga Beach. Explore what we have to offer and plan your own memorable beachside vacation on Ontario's most epic shoreline.



Wasaga Beach is home to the world’s longest freshwater beach and one of Ontario’s most unique coastal dune ecosystems. From Allenwood Beach to Beach Area 6, more than 14km of white sandy coastline welcomes millions of visitors from around the world every year. With boardwalks, trails, water sport rentals, restaurants, and shopping nearby, there are endless ways to keep the whole family entertained.

Hiking & Lookouts

Wasaga Beach Shoreline
Immerse yourself in the iconic views of the longest freshwater beach in the world. Where the golden sands shake hands with the waves, this 14km stretch of shoreline serves views of Georgian Bay, with the escarpment on your left, and the shores of Tiny and Christian Island on your right. At sunset, the sky and bay are painted with mesmerizing colours, and whether you bask in the warmth of the sunlight or the calm of twilight, each offer a picturesque view against nature’s backdrop.
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The Oxbow Dunes
This large set of parabolic dunes are an iconic Wasaga Beach landmark. Situated at one of the hairpins of the Nottawasaga River, this unique land formation is one you won’t soon see again. This site can be easily accessed from the trailhead on Woodland Drive, or on the Ganaraska and Schoonertown Trails. Don’t forget: please stay off the dunes! These sand formations are very fragile, and we want to preserve them for future generations to enjoy.
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Monument Hill
The trail to this lookout takes you through a variety of fascinating scenes in the Wasaga Beach Provincial Park. The top of this hill offers a survey of the Park, Georgian Bay, with even a view of the escarpment in the distance.
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100's of Kilometers of trails


A common activity in both summer and winter, there is a lot for cyclists to explore in Wasaga Beach. From the Wasaga Dunes loop, Shore Lane Trail, and the Carly Patterson trails (not to mention the entirety of the trail system within the provincial park boundaries), there are 100’s of kilometers of trails to explore around Wasaga Beach. Public bike repair stations can be found along a few of these routes, including at Beach Area 1 and at the Oakview Woods Park.
Get On The water

Water Sports

Looking to get out on the water? Look no further! Canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, jet-skis: we have it all. Take a tour with Free Spirit Tours, rentals from Blu Wave Wasaga or Wasaga Wave runners, and launch your watercraft at our Municipal Boat launches.
beach and the forest parkland

Wasaga Beach Provincial Park

Did you know that Wasaga Beach is the busiest provincial park in the province? Everyone wants to visit. With both the beach and the forest parkland, the Provincial Park covers over 2500 acres of land within the town. The park is full of unique ecosystems, parabolic dunes, and a pine-oak savannah, one of the rarer forest makeups.
Eastern Hog-nosed Snake


Wasaga’s unique ecosystem provides homes to a long list of wildlife, including some unique and delicate species. The regular Ontario wildlife like White-tailed Deer, red fox, blue jay and jackrabbit is quite comfortable in our expansive forest. However, Wasaga’s sandy geography makes it home to a number of sensitive species, like the Eastern Hog-nosed Snake and the Piping Plover, and is a waypoint for migrating Monarchs.
The Perfect Put

Golf and Mini-put

Whether you are looking for a bit of light-hearted competition, or a full day on the course, there are a variety of golf and mini-golf experiences in Wasaga Beach. For a 9 or 18-hole experience, check out Marlwood Golf and Country Club. Check out the mini-golf courses at Skull Island Adventure Golf, Pedro’s, Cedar Grove Mini-Golf, or the course at the Wasaga 500 location.

Day Trips

Looking for some fun nearby activities to explore the area? Check out some of our favourites!
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Canada’s Wonderland
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